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You do great things and It’s time to attract a bigger audience. Online competition is growing exponentially. Search engines are getting much more sophisticated in determining who gets the top placement. Are you looking for a way to be able to compete more aggressively and to stake your claim in the search engine spotlight?

Obtaining placement in Google’s much sought after top ranks is a privilege that is earned. Creating a website should respect Google’s Webmaster Guidelines from the onset. Hiring a SEO & SEM agency that utilizes white hat search engine optimization techniques is essential to getting a website properly indexed in the SERPs. Give your audience quality and keep them coming back for more. Is your website ready for the spotlight? Zero to Hero designs state of the art websites appropriating multiple CMS platforms including Drupal, WordPress, Discus, and vBulletin.

WordPress or Drupal What is the best blog option? When someone sets out to write a blog, and especially if it’s the first time you author a blog, opting for a free system log makes perfect sense. Two of the most common blogging CMS platforms are: Drupal and WordPress. WP and Drupal may look very similar, however, there are fine details that can make one better suited for your specific industry, or website development goals. If you’re not familiar with CMS platforms, check out Zero to Hero’s details on WP and Drupal: advantages of WordPress vs. Drupal—and vice versa!

Want more search visibility? Zero to Hero SEO Can Help! There are a lot of SEO businesses that promise more than they could ever deliver. Once in a great while, there are contests that rate SEOs skills at ranking websites the highest in Google from scratch―Zero. These proving grounds pit international SEO agencies against one another.

Your the best video SEO company? Your website is ranked in the top search results? Are you second place in a $50,000 Global SEO contest? Zero to Hero SEO can help. You’re not going to find SEO tools stuffed full of random tidbits here! Zero to Hero’s X-ray vision examines five of the following SEO Hero services that we have certified as SEO Heroic!

Certified SEO Heroic:

“SEO Hero goes well beyond HQ’s walls. Radiant Digital virtual builders create the Freshest websites utilizing Drupal, phpBB, vBulletin, and WordPress CMS. Today, creating a brand new website and seriously competing online with other industries, businesses, and niches require a professional website presence with state of the art SEO & SEM services. But… Is an out of this World website design enough to join the SERP Heroes? No, “even perfectly exquisite websites with mouthwatering graphic designs can be a ghost in the SERP!”

“SEO Hero HQ provides a full service of website design/construction and/or refurbish/repair products and services: expert website design and construction, technical repairs, short or long-term maintenance plans, tailored upgrades, or full refurbish.”

“SEO Heroes HQ positions clients for success by providing excellent full service and delivering outstanding results that allows clients to focus on their core business while maximizing their profits. [HQ] specializes in Inbound Marketing Services such as: Content Media Creation, Social Media Marketing, and search engine optimization.”

Besides, if you’ve come here, you’re not looking for an internet jack jill-of-all-trades; you’re looking for targeted advice and a tactical road map to improving your website’s performance. Ready to get started?

SEO Website Audits

SEO Website Audits = Zero to Hero Mission Critical! Are you wondering where to go from here? Or even, where the heck is “here” anyway? An SEO Website Audit by zero to Hero can help. Search engines look at a purported 300+ factors when deciding ranking—SEO needs to go way beyond title tags, links and content. The SEO Website Audit options are below look in-depth at over 60 factors spanning across information architecture, website structure, onsite factors and offsite factors—on-page and off-page. The only decision to make now is, which Website Audit is right for you?

Streamlined Website Audits

A no-frills, no-guessing, status check on your site. While much of SEO relies on logic and listening to the customer, just finding the right way to do that can be decidedly confusing. Add in the technical issues with search engines crawling the websites, redirects, headers, site structure, tags, keeping up with competitors, links—just in order to make your site search engine friendly (let alone optimized); and once your website is optimized, you’ve now got a big moving target.

Have no fear! Zero to Hero is here! We’ve got a quick and easy laundry list ranging from 50-100 individual assets that should be incorporated on your website and whether they are working with you, or against you-as is. We list out each item examined, grade how well you’re website is doing, leave comments and links to tools or resources that can help you fix identified website issues. Zero to Hero SEO also includes prioritization levels that you can help you pick the low-hanging fruits on your website if you’re working with limited time or resources.

Let’s be clear here, this report is useful but it isn’t wordy. This report works best for people who already have a good understanding of SEO/SEM or for those that already have assets and want to take the time to roll up their sleeves and learn more about search engine optimization. This audit is for self-starters and those who don’t want to dig through descriptive sentences―they just want the grit of it all. The report is especially useful for SEO Providers, Webmasters or those inclined to learn more about SEO, but are not sure where to start. It is, however, not the appropriate audit for people who need more detailed explanations of the technical factors examined, why they are important to SEO and how to fix them.

No worries though, Zero to Hero SEO has a Custom SEO Site Audit that is incredibly rich in detail and perfect for those looking for full documentation—if you’re more interested in sleuthing the competition to see how you stack up – check the combo option of SEO Site Audit + Competitive Analysis.

Custom Website Audits

If you want to know all the pertinent details, and you want it tailored specifically for you. You can get exactly what you want with a robust custom SEO site audit that is full of rich details custom to your website. The internet is becoming exponentially more competitive and the learning curve can be steep. With such dynamic challenges, you want to get to the bottom of exactly what is working on your site (and why), what isn’t working, how you can fix it and why you should fix it.

The Custom SEO Webite Audit is much more than just a website report card―Sure, Zero to Hero SEO will assign a grading system so you can gather perspective, but this audit includes detailed descriptions on the pertinent issues, why they matter, links to additional resources and some guidance on how to fix them. Furthermore, after looking at 50-100 unique factors in-depth and offering explanation and tactical guidance, Zero to Hero SEO will include an overview and prioritization charting so you know what to get started on immediately and what will have the most impact!

Not quite sure you need all the detail? If you’re already well versed in SEO or like to roll up your sleeves and do your own research, you might find this option a bit text-heavy. That’s alright, Zero to Hero SEO has a Streamlined SEO Audit available. If you want to know how well your website grades for yourself, and want to know how well your competition is stacking up as well, then be sure to check out the combination offering of Site Audit & Competitive Analysis. If you aren’t sure what package is best, don’t hesitate to contact me and I can help you field your decision.

Site Audit + Competitive Analysis

Q: What’s better than an SEO Site Audit?
A: An SEO Site Audit and an in-depth analysis on your top competitors!

Come on people, it’s the Internet―there’s no shortage of information we can dig up on your competitor’s ranking strategies. Ranking Strategies Zero to Hero SEO will unravel as to why they are ranking above you or around you. We know how to pinpoint the information that is essential to making your strategy a success. After all, it makes sense to not just compete harder – but to compete smarter.

Add on a Competitive Analysis to take your Audit even further; however, Competitive Analyses is not available as a standalone option. That’d be like serving icing with no cake! So go ahead, pick out the SEO Website Audit that best fits your needs: Streamlined Audit, Custom Audit, or contact us to learn more about all the audits or available competitive analysis resources.

SEO/SEM Consulting & Audits

You’ve got a great business and there are endless opportunities when it comes to marketing what you’ve built; but have you taken care of the basics? Technical hangups can keep your website from reaching its full potential. But here’s the thing – you don’t have the time to understand the nuances of search engines – you have a business to run. That’s where Zero to Hero SEO can help.

Via custom SEO Audits and Consulting, Zero to Hero can give you a clear and concise roadmap to getting your website where you want it to be. Zero to Hero is here to give you answers, find liabilities and opportunities others have missed, and create value. No nonsense, no gimmicks, no tricks. It is time your website started working as hard as you do for your business! Questions? Contact Zero to Hero SEO!