WordPress vs. Drupal CMS Platforms

Advantages of WordPress – WordPress is a robust and free CMS (content management system) that Zero to Hero SEO installs on a private hosting server and utilized to develop a working website. Additionally, wordpress.com provides free subdomain hosting that enables the creation of additional blogs directly on their service. While it is true that Drupal makes very professional designs, themes you can incorporate into your WordPress blogs are very attractive and versatile. WP has significant gallery of themes to choose from. WP themes are opensource and fully customizable.

WP Learning Curve – There are several WP tutorials available Online including beginners WordPress tutorials that detail WP installation/customizations and advanced WP guides that provide information about creating WordPress plugins/core patches, caching, and WordPress security considerations.

SEO or (search engine optimization): Without getting into intricate details, WordPress and SEO go hand in hand. WP offers the ease of optimizing images within the WordPress admin panel utilizing alt and title tags; optimization of images within the Drupal admin console requires HTML editing. Notably, the WP CMS provides options to include powerful tags and categories within URL pagination structures.

Advantages of Drupal CMS – Drupal is a spectacular opensource content management system that Zero to Hero knows very well. Some of the most popular websites Online today were created utilizing the Drupal platform. Similar to WordPress, Drupal has a great webmaster following with a never ending stream of CMS updates and advancements.

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